We need to get everyone migrated off of the following servers due to performance problems and unsupported software configurations:

Server Name

Hostname Control Panel Reason
EAST east.lvcs.net Plesk Outdated control panel software, aging hardware
NYC nyc.lvcs.net cPanel Soon to be outdated CP, resource problems
WEST west.lvcs.net Plesk Outdated control panel software, aging hardware, resource problems, unsupported OS
LA2 la2.lvcs.net cPanel  

If you are on any of the above servers, we need to migrate you.  Currently, we have ewr.lvcs.net which is running the latest cPanel version, PHP versions, MySQL, etc.  This will be a direct replacement for those on EAST and NYC.  If you can be served by this machine and are on one of the listed servers above, please let us know.

Monday, October 14, 2019

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