Our cPanel servers automatically create and install an SSL certificate for your website.  If you are not already on one of our cPanel servers, please ask us to be migrated.

Other features include:
-DNS Cluster served from multiple locations ensuring that resolution of your domain doesn't fail
-Enhanced customer isloation which prevents other users on the same server from making your site slow
-cPanel interface which is a vast improvement over the older Plesk interface
-Selection of PHP versions between 5.3 and 7.1
-MySQL 5.6
-Apache 2.4 for faster site performance

*AutoSSL will not install if you already have a valid certificate to prevent overwriting a true EV certificate that you may have purchased.

**If you were previously pointed to the NYC server before the DNS cluster was setup and you were pointing to NS1.NYC.LVCS.NET, NS2.NYC.LVCS.NET, you will need to reset your DNS zone in order to have it published on the DNS cluster.  Please contact us for assistance.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

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